Introducing the Public Education Exchange

The Public Education Exchange (PEX) enables researchers, educators, advocates, and members of the public to share and create knowledge.

What is the Public Education Exchange?

The Public Education Exchange (PEX) advocates for public schools that are equitable, accessible, publicly funded, democratically governed, and in pursuit of the common good.

The PEX uses 3 strategies to generate and mobilize knowledge about education privatization in Canada. The PEX Network connects researchers and public education advocates so they can share their expertise and experiences. The PEX engages the public in policy dialogues about education privatization in their communities. Through research, the PEX examines the trajectory of education privatization and its impacts on social inequality and the public good.

Build a Network

Build a network of researchers and public education advocates to exchange knowledge about education privatization in Canada.

Engage the Public

Engage the Canadian public in policy dialogues about education privatization.

Create Knowledge

Create knowledge about how crises impact education privatization.

Our Team

  • Declan AmaralHeadshot

    Declan Amaral

    PEX Research Assistant & KMb Coordinator

  • Dr. Andrée GacoinHeadshot

    Dr. Andrée Gacoin

    Director, Information, Research and International Solidarity, BC Teachers’ Federation

  • Dr. Beyhan FarhadiHeadshot

    Dr. Beyhan Farhadi

    Assistant Professor, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

  • Dr. Ee-Seul YoonHeadshot

    Dr. Ee-Seul Yoon

    Associate Professor, University of Manitoba

  • Dr. Lana ParkerHeadshot

    Dr. Lana Parker

    Associate Professor, University of Windsor

  • Dr. Sue WintonHeadshot

    Dr. Sue Winton

    Professor, York University & PEX Project Director

  • Erika ShakerHeadshot

    Erika Shaker

    National Office Director, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

  • Sonia MartinHeadshot

    Sonia Martin

    PhD Student, York University & PEX Research Assistant and KMb Events Coordinator

Our Partners

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