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June 2024 Meeting of the Public Education Exchange 


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Adam Assimakopoulos


July 10, 2024

On June 12, 2024, over 40 researchers, teachers, students, and other public school supporters gathered in Montrèal to engage with pressing issues in the world of public education. This meeting of the Public Education Exchange (PEX) network invited participants to explore how privatization is impacting Canada’s provincial and territorial school systems.

The day began with Myrtle Sodhi, a doctoral candidate at York University, leading attendees in a visualization exercise that sought to connect each person with the creation story of their ancestors. Participants were then asked to consider their individual roles within their families, communities, and the broader world. This activity introduced a personal dimension into the day’s conversations, wherein attendees’ individual realities were welcomed alongside their academic and professional knowledge.

Next, participants took part in a series of small group discussions, using the World Cafe approach, that invited them to contemplate questions about their experiences, concerns, and efforts to resist education privatization in their contexts.

Groups shared knowledge created from their discussions with the other participants in various formats.



Strategies for resistance (with other participants’ annotations):

After lunch, meeting attendees discussed preliminary findings of the PEX Research Team’s investigation of policy changes introduced since March 2020 that support education privatization across Canada. Participants identified additional policies and suggested ideas for next steps in the PEX’s research program, including efforts to raise the general public’s awareness of how education privatization is undermining public education and equity.

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