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The Public Education Exchange (PEX)  advocates for public schools that are equitable, accessible, publicly funded, democratically governed, and in pursuit of the common good.

The PEX invites scholars, public education advocates, and members of the public to create and share knowledge about education privatization and its impacts on social inequality and the common good.

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PEX members create and share knowledge about education privatization and its effects on social inequality and the public good. The PEX team collects this information via invitations, literature reviews, media searches, and events and shares it on the PEX website.

  • Opinion


    International Students in Ontario: Questions of Housing and Economic Sustainability

    Dr. Lana Parker and Holt Stuart-Hitchcox discuss connections between international students in postsecondary institutions, housing, economic sustainability, and privatization.

    International Students
  • Report


    Schools, Austerity and Privatization in the Pandemic Era

    In this report Dr. Paul Bocking discusses transformations to Ontario, Canada’s K-12 education systems during the COVID-19 pandemic, including an acceleration of education privatization.

    Forms of Education Privatization
  • Peer-reviewed Research


    Marginalized children’s views of school choice in global cities: The significance of neighbourhood and nature

    This article presents findings from a study that investigated the perspectives of marginalized children about school choice in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada.

    Forms of Education Privatization
    School Choice

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About Education Privatization

Education privatization refers to greater involvement of private actors in public education and the introduction of ideas, practices, and values of the for-profit sector into public schools. These changes lead to another kind of privatization: the idea that public education is primarily for creating individual benefits rather than for the public good. While education privatization is not new, the COVID-19 pandemic created the conditions for education privatization to grow and flourish.